Wrap-up of the Next Generation Conference 2.0

This Wednesday, at the newly reopened Kino Kultura, we held the Next Generation conference, organized by Seavus Incubator and Seavus. Our host opened the conference in front of an audience of more than 250 people and introduced the first keynote speaker Sean Gardner. Sean, who is ranked by Forbes as Number 1 social influence in the world spoke about the importance of social media for startups and growth strategies for global outreach.

Next followed the investment panel with Seavus’ CEO Kocha Boshku as representative of corporate investor, Michael Gold, CEO of Crimpson Capital, Jasmina Popovska, Director of the state Fund for innovation and technological development and Jan Kobler, Managing partner of the South Central Ventures VC fund. The panel was moderated by Igor Izotov, Community Manager at Seavus Incubator. The panel focused on investor’s deal flows, investment landscape, emerging technologies, and new investment opportunities arising in 2017 for startups and SMEs.

The second keynote speaker, Michela Magas, spoke about the importance of Music Tech Fest ecosystem and how it brings together different kinds of people from different disciplines and backgrounds to foster creative innovation. Michela, who is the EU Woman Innovator for 2017 and winner of the Innovation Luminary Award in 2016, highlighted the benefits of collective intelligence – ideas of sharing and moderation that prove to be more effective and more valuable than individual accumulation.

Afterwards, Michaela joined the tech panel which included Kostandina Zafirovska, CEO of BtoBet, Blagoj Kupev, VP of Embedded Systems at Seavus, Professor Marjan Gushev, CEO of ECGAlert, and Toni Bacvarovski, founder and CEO of Gordian Systemi. The panel, moderated by Sofija Spirovska, General Manager of Seavus Incubator, concentrated around future technological trends and how will they affect our world.

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Take a look at the conference video to experience the atmosphere!


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