The Best Summer Day in Oakland: Touring and Partying

Planning a visit to Oakland, California? Oakland is the city of neighborhoods. There are so many different areas with their own personality and vibe. Oakland has something for everyone, from art galleries to nightlife hotspots like Oakland’s famous Jack London Square. The best way to explore all that Oakland has to offer is by taking a guided tour on one of our party buses!

Jack London Square

Oakland’s premier nightlife destination. Located in the heart of Oakland, CA, Jack London Square is an urban playground that comes alive at night. The bars and restaurants lining Oakland’s waterfront put on a lively show all summer long for visitors from around California to enjoy!

Our guided tours include transportation between your favorite locales so you can drink responsibly and come back anytime with our 24-hour service. Just hop off one bar/restaurant and jump right onto another: it will be easy as pie when we take care of everything! Whether you’re looking for Oakland party bus rentals or sightseeing tours, we’ve got what you need to have a great time this summer!

Temescal Alley

Oakland, California is home to some of the best street art in the world. Temescal Alley is a prime example! This hidden gem features murals that are constantly changing and growing. You can find everything from famous cartoon characters to cheeky advertising slogans painted on Oakland’s vibrant alley walls!

The best way to discover Oakland’s great pieces of art? On one of our party buses! We offer guided tours here too so you don’t have to worry about missing anything when drinking responsibly with our 24-hour service. Just hop off at your favorite mural or stop in for a quick selfie and we’ll be ready to take you back whenever you want!  Here is a look at all the things you can find in Temescal Alley.

Swan’s Market

Oakland’s historic Swan’s Market is a must-see for anyone visiting Oakland, California. Nestled in the heart of Old Oakland, this charming market hall has been around since the 1930s! It was recently renovated and brought back to life after being abandoned by several developers. Today it houses local shops selling everything from flowers to bagels all while keeping its vintage charm intact! You can even see an old theater that used to host silent films on one end of the building while shopping at modern boutiques on the other side! The best way to experience Swan’s Market?

On a guided tour! We offer round-trip transportation with our 24-hour service so you don’t have to worry about driving or getting lost exploring Oakland responsibly.

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